October 10, 2012

Just Tried The New "Broadway Nails".

Broadway Nails came out with a bunch of new colors, so I just had to buy one.
It comes in a fake nail polish bottle and the top pops off, and it opens in half.
 Then there is a pile of different sized nails and you just have to pick out the ones that fit.
In this package are 25 individuel shiny maroon nails = two pairs of ten, and five left over incase something goes wrong.

As you can see these are medium sized, people usually wear longer ones, and these are only slightly longer (like 3/4 of an inch longer then my actual nail). The good thing about this length is that i can practice piano, type, and eat :D
This is just a quick review, I hope you like it, 

Blackclover :3

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