November 14, 2012

Dirty Dancing

The title explains it all:

Leg Warmers-?
Sweater/dress-(Cant read tag)

November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween O_o

Ok so before I begin, I just wanna make sure everyone was fine from hurricane sandy!
Lucky for me and my family it was just wind and rain, but I just hope that NJ, NYC, and the rest of you are doing ok.
And also a happy halloween :+ (mummy face)
So this year, I decided to be a ghoul/vampire, so i did lots of layering clothes and..yes.. blood on my mouth.
So here are just a few pictures :
 So basically im wearing a tank under a mesh shirt under a lace long vest under a coat, with a lace pink skirt and mesh leg warmers+tights, in red boots and checkered laces.    did you get all that?

 !Skulls Rule! especially if you have one, that would be a little weird if you didn't heheh..

 I wonder  how these boots got red.......
Blackclovers wearing:
Hand warmer-(I made it myself, its amazing how easy it is!you just sew a piece of fabric in half and make a hole!)

Earrings-New Fashion
Rings, necklaces-?
Scarf-Loominess handwoven
Black coat-Patina
Mesh shirt-Only Heart Helena Stewart
Lace Vest-Hanky Panky
Lace Skirt-Georgette
Mesh leg warmers-?
Dcmartins-Air wear
Bag-Laura U.S.A 
Nails-Broadway nails

October 24, 2012


Ok heres just a quick post.
I had just threw whatever on, and I thought this would be a nice casual outfit for my blog so I took a few silly pictures.
Hope you like'em :D

 C for Clover (above)

 Its bweazy :'(
 This little gray peace of fuzz just fell from the sky and landed in my arms, so don't ask :3

Cat tail (above)

 Mismatched coral and pink socks is cool.

 I'm wearing:
Shirt-Petit Bateau
Pants-Hot Kiss

October 20, 2012

Back From Piano Part 2 :)

I was going to a performance and I just wanted to share my outfit with you guys.
I feel the red boots and dark fuchsia pants really say fall.
I don't really have anything else to say, so lets get right into it:

 Sorry, for some reason the lighting made the picture all fuzzy, so you can't see the back of my outfit.

 In these two pictures you can see the neighborhood cat (the gray peace of fuzz is her)

 How do you like my checkered neon green laces?
 I really like how these shoes are velvet material instead of patten leather or just plain leather.

I am wearing:

Pants: Jessica Simpson

Shoes: Air Wear

Sweater: L.O.G.G.  Made by HandM

Scarf: Loominus Handwovens

Belt: ??? (All I know is that it's made in Italy)

Hat: Handmade by my mom

Tank-Top: Mossimo