December 18, 2014

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February 1, 2013

My news

Hello fellow bloggers and followers,
I am happy to announce that I have created a Tumblr account!
I hope u like it

My second piece of news is that I will be changing my blog URL to -

(Let me know which one you prefer in the comments below)

I am thinking ill change it next week? And if I change my mind I'll let you know


January 27, 2013

Party/emo Alice in wonderland outfit

 Kitty cat snuggle

 Zombie pose (above)
 After opening birthday presents I glued this to one of my headbands (above)
 Emo Alice in wonderland 

 Blackclover is wearing:
Dress: HM
Tights: HM
Wedges: Target
Bag: (Vintage)???
Headband: handmade by me :D

End of Winter #1

 Since its quite a bit chilly outside i decided to take pictures inside. Today (more like night) I took some pictures using me and my sisters clothes. hope you like them :D

Blackclover is wearing:
Dress: April Cornell
Belt: ???
Shoes: Andrē

End of Winter #2

Second outfit:

Blackclover is wearing:
Headphones: JVC
Sweater: Penguin
Vest: HM
Pants: HM and L.O.G.G.
Shoes: Adidas 

End of Winter #3

third outfit:

Blackclover is wearing:
Sweater: Hilda
Bag: (vintage)???
Boots: Anarchic by T.U.K.

November 14, 2012

Dirty Dancing

The title explains it all:

Leg Warmers-?
Sweater/dress-(Cant read tag)

November 1, 2012

Happy Halloween O_o

Ok so before I begin, I just wanna make sure everyone was fine from hurricane sandy!
Lucky for me and my family it was just wind and rain, but I just hope that NJ, NYC, and the rest of you are doing ok.
And also a happy halloween :+ (mummy face)
So this year, I decided to be a ghoul/vampire, so i did lots of layering clothes and..yes.. blood on my mouth.
So here are just a few pictures :
 So basically im wearing a tank under a mesh shirt under a lace long vest under a coat, with a lace pink skirt and mesh leg warmers+tights, in red boots and checkered laces.    did you get all that?

 !Skulls Rule! especially if you have one, that would be a little weird if you didn't heheh..

 I wonder  how these boots got red.......
Blackclovers wearing:
Hand warmer-(I made it myself, its amazing how easy it is!you just sew a piece of fabric in half and make a hole!)

Earrings-New Fashion
Rings, necklaces-?
Scarf-Loominess handwoven
Black coat-Patina
Mesh shirt-Only Heart Helena Stewart
Lace Vest-Hanky Panky
Lace Skirt-Georgette
Mesh leg warmers-?
Dcmartins-Air wear
Bag-Laura U.S.A 
Nails-Broadway nails

October 24, 2012


Ok heres just a quick post.
I had just threw whatever on, and I thought this would be a nice casual outfit for my blog so I took a few silly pictures.
Hope you like'em :D

 C for Clover (above)

 Its bweazy :'(
 This little gray peace of fuzz just fell from the sky and landed in my arms, so don't ask :3

Cat tail (above)

 Mismatched coral and pink socks is cool.

 I'm wearing:
Shirt-Petit Bateau
Pants-Hot Kiss