August 25, 2012

Summa Lovin'

This is a post that is made with two authors (Charlotte and blackclover)
Blackclover made the first outfit, and charlotte made the second outfit.  We hope you like it :3

(The words in pink are written by Blackclover and the words in blue are written by Charlotte)

 I really like how the pinch in the front of the shirt and the pleats in the skirt look together.

 I am wearing a plastic ice cube ring wich I decorated with multi colored dots.

From the back 

From the back


Charlotte's wearing:

Green shirt: Sissley
Black jeans: Old Navy
Black watch: unknown
Sunglasses: unknown
Earrings: Nicaragua

Blackclover's wearing:

Blue shirt: Xhilaration
Patterned skirt: Zad
Leather bag: Green Fields
Earrings: Claire's
watch, necklace, and rings: unknown
Nail polish: sinful colors professional 

-Charlotte & Blackclover <3

NEW Trends

First trend is Rainbow platform shoes:

 I dont know if I would wear these, but I thought they where fun and crazy (above).

 I really like these cause they remind me of (The super IN) Creepers

I had posted these awhile ago, and I just adore them :)

Second Trend, are bow ankle rainboots:

 These two are my favorite kind of

bow rain shoes

 But i thought these  where cute as well (They have grips on the bottom so you dont slip, and they have padding on the inside.  So basically they are really comfortable)
The only thing I don't like is the slit in the front.

Third trend is Oxford styled shoes:

 These are my favorite (above, and below)

These aren't oxfords but they are from the same era.
(above and below) are the oxfords.

Hope you lke :3

~blackclover <3

Foam comfort

2012 new fish mouth rainbow Clog Shoes (the heels are waterproof )Taiwan sheepskin shoes:

I really like the leather coral color.

 The foam is as good as you can get on support for high heels:

Kawaii bag

I fell in love with this purple leather bag (wich is on sale) :

Wedge Sneakers

These are my favorite (I love floral patterns).

August 19, 2012