August 25, 2012

Summa Lovin'

This is a post that is made with two authors (Charlotte and blackclover)
Blackclover made the first outfit, and charlotte made the second outfit.  We hope you like it :3

(The words in pink are written by Blackclover and the words in blue are written by Charlotte)

 I really like how the pinch in the front of the shirt and the pleats in the skirt look together.

 I am wearing a plastic ice cube ring wich I decorated with multi colored dots.

From the back 

From the back


Charlotte's wearing:

Green shirt: Sissley
Black jeans: Old Navy
Black watch: unknown
Sunglasses: unknown
Earrings: Nicaragua

Blackclover's wearing:

Blue shirt: Xhilaration
Patterned skirt: Zad
Leather bag: Green Fields
Earrings: Claire's
watch, necklace, and rings: unknown
Nail polish: sinful colors professional 

-Charlotte & Blackclover <3

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