September 4, 2012

Another MUST HAVE:

 MUST HAVE Silky Polish, check out the "Good & Bad Polish Ingredients" under About:

When I get the "Silky Polish Kit ©" I will share my nail with you.
I can't wait to try it, it has AMAZING reviews, so I'm relying on that and the non toxic ingredients :3

~Blackclover  (Hmm……π)

September 3, 2012

Blue & Silver

This noon/night I'm going out to a party and I thought I would share my outfit with you guys:
Im wearing a blue top and bottom (plus blue nail polish) and a silver (stiff ) necklace with silver and leather flip flops:

 Im wearing Sinful Colors Professional nail polish( I don't know the color name)
And I don't know where my Henna is from, the name is in Hindi.

These flip flops remind me of fish scales because of the shimmery silver colore they chose.

 I'm feel'n Zen (below)

 For this outfit I borrowed these Tie Dye sunglasses 

Don't ask why I'm holding a window (it was just an urge).


I just adore ADORE the droplet shaped hole in the back of my shirt, its nice and airy + it just gives it a cute/mature look to it (If you get what I mean).

I love the ruffles in the front they remind me of sea slugs :3

Blackclover is wearing:

Shirt-xhilaration (Target)

September 2, 2012

Fall Is Near.

Today I (BlackClover) was the photographer. Impressive right? not really. Anyways I asked some Friend/Model todo a few pictures for my blog, and she consented.  We where walking around some street, trying to find a perfect stone wall, or at least some decent scenery (as you will see in the pictures below) and came upon a nice quiet area with trees, bushes, moss on stones, and a black gate. 

I hope you like'em :

Like the Maxi pleats?

 I love the red leather with this cute silver buckle (on the shoes above) :3

I just adore studs, especially on the shoulders (above/below)

 Did you know that jumping makes you tired? (after we where done trying to get a good jump my friend was limping back home... ok I guess I exaggerated but she was pretty tired anyways :)


Bangles (above)

Silver coin necklace (above)
Gold and glass earrings (below)

Shirt- I love H81

Skirt- Liz Claiborne


Necklace and Bangles- Unknown