September 2, 2012

Fall Is Near.

Today I (BlackClover) was the photographer. Impressive right? not really. Anyways I asked some Friend/Model todo a few pictures for my blog, and she consented.  We where walking around some street, trying to find a perfect stone wall, or at least some decent scenery (as you will see in the pictures below) and came upon a nice quiet area with trees, bushes, moss on stones, and a black gate. 

I hope you like'em :

Like the Maxi pleats?

 I love the red leather with this cute silver buckle (on the shoes above) :3

I just adore studs, especially on the shoulders (above/below)

 Did you know that jumping makes you tired? (after we where done trying to get a good jump my friend was limping back home... ok I guess I exaggerated but she was pretty tired anyways :)


Bangles (above)

Silver coin necklace (above)
Gold and glass earrings (below)

Shirt- I love H81

Skirt- Liz Claiborne


Necklace and Bangles- Unknown


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