February 1, 2013

My news

Hello fellow bloggers and followers,
I am happy to announce that I have created a Tumblr account!
I hope u like it


My second piece of news is that I will be changing my blog URL to -


(Let me know which one you prefer in the comments below)

I am thinking ill change it next week? And if I change my mind I'll let you know


January 27, 2013

Party/emo Alice in wonderland outfit

 Kitty cat snuggle

 Zombie pose (above)
 After opening birthday presents I glued this to one of my headbands (above)
 Emo Alice in wonderland 

 Blackclover is wearing:
Dress: HM
Tights: HM
Wedges: Target
Bag: (Vintage)???
Headband: handmade by me :D

End of Winter #1

 Since its quite a bit chilly outside i decided to take pictures inside. Today (more like night) I took some pictures using me and my sisters clothes. hope you like them :D

Blackclover is wearing:
Dress: April Cornell
Belt: ???
Shoes: Andrē

End of Winter #2

Second outfit:

Blackclover is wearing:
Headphones: JVC
Sweater: Penguin
Vest: HM
Pants: HM and L.O.G.G.
Shoes: Adidas 

End of Winter #3

third outfit:

Blackclover is wearing:
Sweater: Hilda
Bag: (vintage)???
Boots: Anarchic by T.U.K.