October 20, 2012

Back From Piano Part 2 :)

I was going to a performance and I just wanted to share my outfit with you guys.
I feel the red boots and dark fuchsia pants really say fall.
I don't really have anything else to say, so lets get right into it:

 Sorry, for some reason the lighting made the picture all fuzzy, so you can't see the back of my outfit.

 In these two pictures you can see the neighborhood cat (the gray peace of fuzz is her)

 How do you like my checkered neon green laces?
 I really like how these shoes are velvet material instead of patten leather or just plain leather.

I am wearing:

Pants: Jessica Simpson

Shoes: Air Wear

Sweater: L.O.G.G.  Made by HandM

Scarf: Loominus Handwovens

Belt: ??? (All I know is that it's made in Italy)

Hat: Handmade by my mom

Tank-Top: Mossimo

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