October 6, 2012

Back From Piano Part 1

Who here adores fall? Because its my favorite season, appart from the fact that my birthday falls on this month (no pun intended).
anyways, I felt like showing you one of my falls outfits. Funny thing, the lighting was making the pictures all bright, but it added a really cool effect on the pictures. If you look closely at my pictures (I took them with the camera timer) you can see that i appear to be blurry without moving. All because of the lighting, I didn't use photo shop or anything! Im really happy with my photography (you can tell me what you think in the comments below). Okay okay, enough about the lighting and etc. Now lets get on with the outfit:
every fall I always wear these tights (well ever since I got them anyways). So its sort of become a tradition of mine... so I don't exactly know where im going with this...
so lets just move on to the outfit shall we? :

                                                         I just adore suede

                                                                   Back (below)
 I love how these suede sneakers have a red sole (it gives them swag don't you think?)
 I WON THE LOTTERY, just kidding :P
 I love leather don't you (especially when they are non-imitation as is mine)

 I got this at a museum after an exhibit about cave man.

  Ok here I was just dancing in circles, heheh
I don't actually have a clue what I was doing here...
Blackclover Is Wearing:
Necklace- I got it at a museum giftshop.
Shoes-Shaun White
Bag-Laura U.S.A Natural Leather and Solid Brass Collection (I found out its worth $130 !!)

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