September 15, 2012

I Feel Like Its Holi today

Today I found this skirt an indian friend of mine gave to me, so I paired it with a bright tank top and orange earrings (plus a green hair elastic and a green clip to close my skirt + some purple and blue bangles a friend sent me and my sister from india).
 I felt like I was in india, in the middle of Holi ( being the colored powder!).
Anyways, I hope you like my outfit :3

 Oh and i forgot to mention this (real) leather bag, printed with deer and forest scenery.

 I have no idea why I was climbing a huge rock (especially in wedges!) but I hadn't had breakfast or lunch so I was full of crazy ideas that morning...
 It felt like forever to get to the top (by the why the rock was like 3ft tall, impressive right? I like to think so :) and when i did, i felt so proud! Like I climbed Mt. Everest! Although it was more like Mt.petit.

 This is just a pin that I clipped the dress closed with. (Because there is no clip to close it, you just supposed to do it you self, or tie it, but instead I clipped it with a sparkly green clip that went with the dress and my hair tie)

Clip and Hair-tie -MELODY fashion accessory
Bag-??????(all i know is that its vintage)??????

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