May 23, 2012

Mourning Dew

Here is just something I came up with in my closet :

 The top and bottom look like a dress, but I just took a shirt from Agnes and a skirt from Agnes and held them together with a dark blue belt.

 I really like the mini frills here. 

How do you like my attached frilled cuffs?

Shoes- Keds (blue)
Skirt-Agnes B. (paris)
Belt- (no tag)
Shirt-Agnes B. (Paris)


What to Do…? said...

Cute. If I wanted to, say, add a little color to that outfit, how would you suggest doing that?


Blackclover said...

I would say (to match my blue keds) have a light blue clutch and a blue necklace (or scarf depending on your taste), so basically any kind of accessories or tights/leggings/socks (that match another color in the outfit) is to brighten them up, for example I have dark blue Keds and you could wear a light blue handbag so it matches but its bright and happy to lighten up your outfit.