January 13, 2012

Willow S.

I find Willow Smith quite fascinating. And i find her fashion amazing, so i thought I might share my favorite outfits of hers with you.
This outfit is so cool, because of the gray and black, and the neon hair-elastics , and fluffy hair style.

Her sneakers here are the best part really, they are high heeled sneakers with gold chains rapped around the the heeled part. and they are also "Adidas " shoes 
I just like everything about this here, the long "braid" goes with lots of outfits, and the boots are brown leather with wholes and she has red striped socks so they pop out from the coffee brown leather and a yellow  plaid mini skirt, with a puffy sleeved yellow shirt and  pink bow.

The eyeliner that is used for the outfit pops out, and her turquoise leather jacket goes with her bow and eyeliner. And her nails are quite cool, one of her nails is themed to look like a watermelon and then crystal covered nails in different colors on the other nails. Quite cool in a way :)

This colorful suit pops out of the white background, and super-sized bracelets, and leather studded sneakers.

The jacket is my favorite part, with the newspaper theme jacket is awesome.

                     Here she shows her nails.

And here are these really cool hightop jeans rock the fashion world :)

 This look is nice and Grungey, one of my favorite kind of looks is Grunge :)
Here willow is nine, with a Pink themed outfit which i find quite cute.

One of my favorite outfits, and the hairstyle goes nicely with the rest of her outfit.

The red jacket here is really cute with the  hair style she has.

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